Ade’s Retro Diary – Asbury Park

asbury park..beautiful broken seaside place…a joy to be here..with favourite bands and friends…this starts our US tour. the buildings are spectacular and decaying..victorian and 1920s beauties…destruction a legacy of riots in the late 60s and municipal mismanagement..sound where we play is ferocious but we love it..its amazing to walk out the back of the gig and find the ocean pounding..
we all hired bikes and had mental time cycling along the boardwalk in a posse…looking like crap hells angels..
asbury lanes the bowling place where we have bands and djs playing is wicked..the sound awesome….playing in oneidas 8 hour marathon jam.. shepard fairy’s set last thing on sunday starts with sabbaths iron man….sad to leave..

Posted by AU on 13/10/11