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today, as we’re in canada i’ll mention ‘Curling’ directed by quebec filmmaker denis cote.
saw this at the berlin film fest earlier this year and we put in on in the cinema of our london atp event ill be your mirror.
not sure how easy this is to see and what the distribution situation is, but if you can see it,
i would.
i was both moved and delighted by it
heres a trailer and some reviews..

Posted by AU on 13/10/11

Montreal Crew

Montreal proved to be a good show all round.

Special mention from one crew to another…

Big thanks goes out to Jonathan, Lea and the rest of the Montreal local crew..Absolute joy working with you all.

You were all enthusiastic and skilful, getting stuck in, and some top banter on the truck moves and stage … Dudes You Rock…! cheers xx

Posted by JM on 9/10/11

Montreal Frontline and Encore

Posted by JM on 9/10/11

Montreal Thread

Posted by JM on 9/10/11

Montreal – Showtime

Posted by JM on 9/10/11

Into Montreal

Total contrast to Asbury Park and NYC, outside gig, festival stage, super clear day, no bounce back from the PA.

Posted by JM on 9/10/11

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