Out of Season is out now on vinyl!

Order your copy here:

This album has been out of print on LP for many years and was recorded with former Talk-Talk bassist Paul Webb. Also featuring contributions from Gibbons’ fellow Portishead bandmate Adrian Utley.

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KEXP – DUMMY, 25 years later

Geoff and Adrian talk about DUMMY in depth with KEXP

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‘DUMMY’ turns 25

  • Full interview with @zanelowe is live! Go watch it and stream ’Dummy’ on @AppleMusic:
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‘DUMMY’ turns 25

‘Dummy’ turns 25 on Thursday.

Watch and listen to the interview with @zanelowe tomorrow 8/21 at 10am LA/6pm LDN on @beats1.

Stream the album now on @AppleMusic

100819 GB AU & ZL Beats1 257

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BEAK> , the other band Geoff is in, to play Primavera Sound and release “Life Goes On”

Listen here >

Follow them here

Twitter>>> @beakbristol

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Instagram >> @BeakBristol


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Featuring the voices of Beth Gibbons, Elizabeth Fraser, Elaine Mitchener, Melanie Pappenheim, Cherise Phillips and guidance from Shirley Collins.

 Clarion Call image

Over the 11 days of SPILL Festival, this large-scale outdoor sonic artwork will ring out from the Ipswich waterfront into the town’s public spaces at dusk for eleven minutes each day.

 The voices of women and girls call to the setting sun in daily incantations, broadcast with audio technology employed for emergency and control, repurposed as a mechanism for public ritual.

Devised by Melbourne based artists Byron J. Scullin, Hannah Fox and Thomas Supple, Clarion Call stands as an ephemeral monument to the aftermath of wars past, present and future.

Clarion Call was co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW and Pacitti Company for the SPILL Festival of Performance and developed with the support of Dark Mofo

Location: The skies of Ipswich

Cost: Free

 Dates & Times

Oct 25 – 5.40pm

Oct 26 – 5.38pm

Oct 27 – 5.36pm

Oct 28 – 4.34pm

Oct 29 – 4.32pm

Oct 30 – 4.30pm

Oct 31 – 4.28pm

Nov 1 – 4.27pm

Nov 2 – 4.25pm

Nov 3 – 4.23pm

 Clarion Call image 2


Sound and Music at SPILL Festival, an international festival of live art, activism and performance

SPILL Festival of Performance has announced Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) and Beth Gibbons (Portishead) as collaborators on Clarion Call, a large-scale outdoor sonic artwork which will ring out from Ipswich Waterfront for eleven days from Oct 25. Their voices along with Melanie Pappenheim, Elaine Mitchener, Cherise Phillips, and the Wattisham and Honnington Military Wives Choir all come together projected from 400 speakers under the guidance of folk revivalist Shirley Collins.

Broadcast with audio technology usually employed for emergency and control the artwork is devised by Melbourne based artists Byron J. Scullin, Hannah Fox and Thomas Supple, and is a co-commission with 14–18 NOW, the UK’s arts programme for the First World War centenary.

Clarion Call stands as an ephemeral monument to the aftermath of wars past, present and future, but instead of unifying us in grief, the composition of reimagined melodies provides a moment for a community to come together in a public ritual en masse.

 A new Carter Tutti live audio-visual performance, ‘inter_versal’, will be presented in the round, utilizing four audio channels and synchronized video projections the piece facilitates and enhances the individual experience of the temporal continuum of music and images. The duration of the piece will be one hour measured in Sidereal time – 56 minutes 4 seconds

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Adrian Utley – The Passion of Joan of Arc at Shakespeares Globe & Wells Cathedral


Adrian Utley will be performing alongside Will Gregory and the 23 piece orchestra conducted by Charles Hazlewood at 2 UK shows this year….

Shakespeares Globe on September 19th

Wells Cathedral on October 7th

“The Passion of Joan of Arc” (1928) directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer chronicles Joan of Arc’s trial and execution during her captivity in France.

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Geoff Barrow

Geoff is fundraising for Breast Cancer Care

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Jason Hazeley in Calais….

As well as playing keyboards with Portishead, Jason writes books and recently went out to Calais, read below……

This week, I spent a paltry 48 hours in Calais, doing anything I could to join the effort to help the thousands of refugees stuck there.
It wasn’t enough.
L’Auberge des Migrants, the huge warehouse and volunteer community that feeds 2,000 people a day thanks to donations, was one of the two places I visited. To do so is the most colossally humbling experience. People with skills I can only gawp at — building, cooking, sewing — doing everything they can. With not enough.
The Jungle, a place on the constant choke chain of the authorities, surviving nonetheless. Cafés, shops, places of worship, a school, libraries, barbers, a bike repair place. Children have been born there. People wearing shoes and clothes they were gifted — some of whom are doctors or lawyers; the kind of professional you’d ordinarily rope in to sign your passport form — and yet a guy from Sudan pleaded with us for the one thing he’d like more than anything in the world: a chair. A CHAIR. He may not have sat in a chair for six months, for all I know. We didn’t have a chair. Not enough.
What a waste of human resources. Doctors, anyone? Someone who speaks English, Arabic, Russian and French, yet lives in second-hand shoes, anyone?
What an obscene cartoon of human rights. One of the new rules is NO WOOD ALLOWED. So homes are routinely built from branches and ground sheet and anything lying around. Including spent tear gas canisters. The indignity is fucking staggering.
And yet, what a jawdropping effort is underway there. I met so many people whose simple act of helping made me feel about as useless as I’ve ever felt — David, Lesley, Tom, Hayley, Tina, Ollie, Katerina, Anna — their constant efforts are fucking incredible. They won’t agree; modesty will win. But they are.
Nothing we can do is enough.
The south half of The Jungle has been demolished, apart from the school and the church. The north half survives. But these people need money and NOW. It means survival to them. It means food and shelter. 30 more people turn up every day. The kid who hung around our van for an hour on Tuesday eventually got a Lego set because it needed offing. To him, living somewhere with next to fuck all infrastructure and fly-squatted dead rats baking in the sun, that was a dream. And it’s not enough.
Give some money. You can. You can give something every month. Doesn’t need to be much. Even if you give all you can afford, it’s not enough. So give something. Please.

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